Thursday, September 2, 2010

Flash Website

    If you are every looking for a great website on different types of elegant burgers you need to check out This site is great for a few reasons. But probably the biggest reason why this website is successful is how effective it is at portraying the product. The website is designed as so that the typography plays a second roll to the imagery. Which is how it should be when trying to sell a product. something that is very important when displaying a product is to have easy navigation so the consumer can see everything they are looking. this website is very successful at this It provides the user with multiple ways to navigate. I feel that color plays a very vital role in the success of this product. The main backdrop of the website is a dark color with all of the images placed upon a bright off white background really helping the pictures to pop. The whole website uses motion in a very effective way. All of the products are placed in a revolving almost recipe like design, by doing this it adds variety to the design in a very creative way. The use of repetition is also evident where each product or page mirrors that of the previous one, thus helping to whole design feel like one complete design. Overall the great mixture between type, imagery, color, repetition and easy navigation really help to make this website very successful.

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