Thursday, September 2, 2010

html Website

    I chose to look at for my html website. This site is successful on many different levels. I wouldn’t say that it is the fanciest looking website there is but by far it is one of the most effective. The main page of the website really sets up the whole site. It has the navigation buttons at the top to easily help navigate the client to the exact place they want to be. It easily breaks down the different types of system you would be using to watch the movies thus saving time and making it very effective. This website uses a very simple color scheme of red, white, and tan which really help the overall feel of the design. If more emphasis was put on the color it would distract from the design making it hard to navigate through the website. This website is very information driven. When a user comes to this website they are there for one purpose and that is to find a movie. By placing the importance on the product and not so much and the design really helps it to be effective. The only content in this website it videos. By breaking down everything into genres it helps the user to navigate through it properly. Overall this website has a very basic layout. By having this basic layout through the color and navigation Netflix was able to create a very user friendly website

Link to Website

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